Taking Control of Your Cryptocurrency Transactions

Taking Control of Your Cryptocurrency Transactions

CoinFlip Crypto ATMs Are Changing the Way We Purchase Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seem to be growing faster than ever before. While the market certainly has its swings, it seems that the peer-traded and regulated currency is here to stay. Fortunately, CoinFlip Crypto ATMs are making it much easier for those who wish to buy and sell with cash. Although the company’s founder and CEO Daniel Polotsky isn’t the inventor of the concept, he’s made it a much easier experience for buyers and sellers to complete their transactions safely and quickly. The company currently has over 120 CoinFlip Crypto ATMs throughout the US and plans to expand.

The CoinFlip Crypto ATM Difference

CoinFlip Crypto ATMs appeal to a wide variety of investors, and those that don’t want to use a credit card or bank account no longer have to. Taking advantage of cryptocurrency investing with CoinFlip Crypto ATMs now offers the option to simply deposit and withdraw in cash. The company makes registration simple on its website and states that it’s completed in a few steps. The user must have access to a mobile phone that can receive text messages to complete a transaction, and they must also have a cryptocurrency wallet in place. The company offers suggestions for wallets and digital hardware options for secure storage of cryptocurrency available on its website.

The Process of Depositing and Withdrawing for Cryptocurrency

The user visits the ATM at their nearest location and is guided through steps on the machine, providing the user with local bitcoin purchasing options. The customer’s mobile phone is used to receive a confirmation and to secure the digital wallet information through the QR code that’s provided. The machine also provides disclosures prior to the completion of the transaction. The receipt that’s provided for selling cryptocurrency also serves as a secondary step to receive the cash, so the user must be careful to not destroy it. Currently, CoinFlip Crypto ATMs support the following cryptocurrency types:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Komodo (KMD)

The fees that are charged through CoinFlip Crypto ATMs are listed on their website and the company states that they’re low by industry standards. The company also states that instant support is available for those that need assistance with transactions or other transactions through their online platform.

Other Considerations With CoinFlip Crypto ATMs

The company offers alternatives for customers to utilize their services through their website by accepting credit cards and bank transfers. According to the company, another major benefit of using their service is that new customer registrations can be approved in as little as five minutes. This is a significant improvement over providers that require the use of a bank account and often take days or months to approve accounts and transactions.

Resources Made Available With CoinFlip Crypto ATMs

The company offers videos that guide users through the steps of completing a transaction. The company’s FAQ section addresses many items for the very beginner through to investors that seek high-limit transactions. The company offers a locator service for customers to locate the nearest ATM.



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