Rise property prices in the UK

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According to Rightmove’s October property price index, average asking prices rose this month by 0.9% to a new high of £371,158. The government thought that implementing its policies would make it more feasible for first-time purchasers to enter the real estate market when it announced a reduction in stamp duty last month as part of the famous mini-budget. Additionally, lower pricing would make it simpler for people looking to purchase before home renovations. Experts including estate agents in Manchester opine that the rise in mortgage interests and the announcement of the stamp duty would have an effect on the property market. 

Will home prices keep rising?

In the midst of a two-year housing bubble, this is a question that many of us have been asking, and the solution is less obvious now than it was many months ago.

The ‘race for space’ during the pandemic, which saw more people looking for bigger properties after the move to work from home, and two years of record high asking prices following the introduction of the stamp duty holiday and mortgage price guarantee in 2020, had all contributed to a slowing down of house price growth over the summer. Property owners can determine the accurate value of their property through property valuations. For properties in Manchester, it would be best to choose experts for property valuation in Manchester.

Effects of stamp duty

The threshold for stamp duty exemption in England and Northern Ireland was raised from £125,000 to £250,000, but Mr Hunt’s reversal of numerous mini-budget proposals on Monday did not affect the stamp duty reduction. This amount will increase to £425,000 for first-time purchasers, who now do not pay stamp duty on the first £300,000. According to the government, this will result in a £2,500 stamp duty savings for the average buyer in England. Benham and Reeves, a rental and estate agency in London, claims that it could save English purchasers almost £1 billion annually.

However, this reduction in stamp duty is ongoing, unlike the stamp duty holiday, which was in effect from July 2020 to July 2021. The change aims to make it simpler for first-time homebuyers to progress up the housing ladder. According to an analysis by the property market Zoopla in August, before the stamp duty reduction, first-time buyers were required to earn an additional £12,250 on average to afford a home this year compared to this time last year.

Book a property valuation

The valuation process involves a comprehensive review of the property, its features and its condition. This is carried out by an experienced valuer who will make an objective assessment of the property’s value.

Property Valuation reports are used for a variety of purposes including;

Potential buyers looking to purchase a property

The sale or purchase of residential, commercial or undeveloped land

Insurance purposes

Residential, commercial and industrial development projects

The benefits of property valuation

Property valuation is an important part of your overall financial plan, as it can help you make decisions about your investments, retirement and taxes. Here are some of the key benefits you can enjoy:

Tax savings. You can save on taxes by reducing the capital gains tax on your real estate investments.

Retirement planning. A thorough evaluation of your current portfolio will help you develop an investment strategy that meets your needs and promotes growth over time. It also helps determine how much money you need to set aside each year for retirement purposes and how much risk you can tolerate in order to achieve this goal.

Insurance coverage. Insurance companies typically use appraisals to determine whether they should cover any losses related to your property or its contents. When buying insurance for a new home or condo unit, you can request a quote from several companies before choosing one that offers the best coverage at an affordable price. Valuations are used to determine whether or not a property has depreciated in value due to age or damage.

If this is the case, then the owner can apply for compensation from their insurance company. A valuation can also be used as evidence in legal disputes regarding ownership of a building or land as well as any other legal matters relating to property values. Finally, a valuation can also be used as part of estate planning when preparing wills and trusts, especially if there is more than one heir involved in your will.



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