How to get the private loan for your project? Are they trustworthy?

How to get the private loan for your project? Are they trustworthy?

A real estate project is important to you and you are looking for a financing that allows you to realize it? Finding the credit offering the best real estate rate and the best conditions is therefore very important. And it is by looking after your borrower profile that you will get the best financing proposals. Indeed, banks are more likely to grant mortgages to clients with a reassuring profile. To help you convince banks to finance you, you can click on this link  for tips to value your loan application.

The advice of the Credit Guide to borrow well

Before applying to a bank for financing for your real estate project, it is advisable to look after your credit application to convince the lender of your ability to repay the loan. Indeed, the more you show paw, the more likely you will be financed and the best conditions. When a bank considers that the risk is great to finance a particular borrower, it applies a significant interest rate to try to cover the possible losses following the break in repayment.

Focus on the stability of your work situation

It is undeniable that banks prefer borrowers on permanent contracts, but if you are on fixed-term, temporary or professional, you also have all your chances of obtaining financing if you justify a stable job. Indeed, the banks are more conciliatory when they have the proof that, certainly, your incomes vary, but they remain nevertheless regular. If you are on a permanent contract, wait until you have validated your probationary period before applying for a mortgage.

Sanitize your bank accounts

Before applying for financing, consider cleaning up your accounts. Discoveries, rejection of withdrawals or other banking incidents are to be avoided. The better your accounts are managed, the more likely the bank will be willing to accept your funding request. If during the year you have had lows, this does not prevent you from raising the bar for a minimum of 3 months in order to present healthy bank statements to the bank you are applying for a loan.


The less you have loads the more you will have budget to devote to your real estate project. This is why it is advisable to pay off consumer loans in progress before applying for a mortgage. If they are consumer loans written in order to earn cash, it is recommended to repay them or justify their recourse in order to win the trust of the bank to which you are applying for a mortgage. The more legitimate your choices, the more reassuring the bank will be about managing your budget. So it’s all about trying to pay off the maximum amount of loans before starting your project.



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