Visa Remains Profitable During Pandemic

Visa Remains Profitable During Pandemic

COVID-19 has brought its impact on every aspect of life globally. Are you interested in the current COVID-19 impact on payments and online marketplaces? In this article, you’ll find interesting stats concerning Visa Inc. and eBay Inc. after the impact of COVID-19. Moreover, you’ll get help with the best credit card processing reviews in the U.S.

Visa Remains Profitable: Credit Card Processing Reviews

Though COVID-19 hits, Visa Inc. hasn’t lost its profitability. As the payments giant reports, its Q2 profit increased by 4%. For the same period, the company saw a 5% increase in the overall payments volume. Visa’s largest market U.S. accounts for 46% of the overall volume.

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eBay Volume Rises by 26%

Now, let’s focus on the online marketplace eBay Inc. The company’s volume grew by 26% since consumers began placing orders from home when COVID-19 appeared. The platform started seeing an amazing rise in eCommerce purchases.

In Q2, eBay saw its volume soaring 35% in the U.S. and growing by 26% internationally. This resulted in a situation where merchandise volume had a 29% increase during the mentioned period. So, eBay grew its volume by $5.9 billion during the last quarter as compared to the decline of $4.4 billion in all of fiscal in 2019.

According to eBay, the company’s growth will decline in the 2nd half of 2020. This means investors can’t anticipate anything like the 29% volume rise to apply to the broader fiscal year.

As you see, COVID-19 has resulted in immense changes in payments and online marketplaces. Visa and eBay have reported growth caused by COVID-19.

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